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The Silver Sting

Meet the residents of Magnolia Court…..

It has been thirteen years since the elderly residents at Magnolia Court were scammed out of a comfortable retirement by an unscrupulous developer who took their money and ran. A twist of fate leads Gabby, Uncle Max and Aunt Hetty’s niece, to uncover the developer’s whereabouts.

Pointed in the right direction by Gabby, the residents draw on their life-long skills to overcome one obstacle after another to recover what is theirs by right. No-one should under-estimate the tenacity and ingenuity of this charming and endearing bunch of senior citizens. Age and infirmity are set aside as they set out on their quest to seek retribution.

In Uncle Max’s own words “I believe that our little ruse could well go down in history as an example of what can be achieved when people, irrespective of their age, pool their skills and work together as a team. Regrettably, we cannot write the story – none of us would like to spend the rest of our days at Her Majesty’s pleasure – but maybe someday someone will write it for us…”

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