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17 November 2021

How to make a Strictly Christmas Tree Glitter Ball

Difficulty Level - easy but the whole job will take several days to complete to allow for drying time between the various stages. I make six or twelve balls at a time.


  • Polystyrene eggs (I buy mine from Amazon - £10 for fifty eggs)
  • Decorative string
  • Acrylic Paint (The Works - large tubes at £2)
  • Glue (I use tacky glue which I buy from Hobby Craft. A tube costs £3 but it goes a long way..
  • Glitter, colour of your choice (Glitter in a shaker bottle is easier to use and saves a whole lot of clearing up!)
  • Rhinestones, colour of your choice (Bought in a small jar from The Works)
  • A bodkin or similar needle.
  • Something to hang your glitter balls on to dry between stages. (I use a candelabra!)


1. Add string to your egg. Carefully gouge out a narrow but deep hole in the top of the egg using the bodkin. Cut a six inch length of decorative string. Fold string in half and insert cut ends into the hole at the top of the egg. Squeeze as much glue as you can into the hole so that the string will be securely set in place when the glue dries. Lay down on a flat surface and leave to dry, possibly overnight.

2. Paint your egg. I use acrylic paint simply because I happened to have some in my craft box. If you are feeling flush, you could always buy a a spray can of paint. The finish with polystyrene and acrylic paint is a little dull but it will not matter after you have decorated your eggs. Leave to dry completely.

3. Add a little more glue around the hole where the string meets the egg to ensure that it is well and truly fixed.

4. Decorate your egg. Simply dot glue or squeeze lines of glue on to your egg and add glitter, diamontes, rhinestones - whatever you happen to have in your craft box. It is easier to do this in stages, otherwise you will get more glitter and glue on your hands than you will on your egg! Leave to dry between stages.

  1. When your final design is dry, shake gently and use a soft brush to remove excess glitter.